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Due to the constant change in links (and also a lack of time on my part), I have decided to remove the individual chart of downloadable scripts and instead present a wider set of links in the areas of interest.

Drew's Script-O-Rama                     If you can't find it here, it's not to be found on the net. Unless you want to pay for it.
Scripts & Screenplays                       Lots and lots of screenplays, but not for free.
The Script Shop                                Similar as the above.
Screenplays, baby, screenplays!        Screenplays by writers who aren't professional, yet. Also at Drew's.

About Screenwriting
Screaming in the Celluloid Jungle        Definitely one of the best screenwriter's resources pages out there.
The Screenwriters Utopia                   Interviews with and articles by famous and competent writers.
Screenwriter's Heaven
Screenwriting at Screenplace             A Swedish site with lots of tips, discussions and resources.
Charles Deemer's Homepage             Tips and stuff on screenwriting. Very competent.
The Action/Adventure -                     Analysis of the work of renowned writers. Maintained by the webmaster at
Screenwriting Home Page                  Screenwriter Utopia.
Screenwriters Online
The Screenwriter's Nebula Drive
Screenwriters Utopian

Assistance & Workshops
Virtual Script Workshop
Hollywood Script
A1 Script Wizards
The Cyberspace Film School

Boxoffice & Scriptsales
Box Office Guru                     A good site with fast reports on what's hot this weekend along with good predictions for next.
Done Deal                              Find out what's selling in Hollywood right now.

Movie Links
The Trailer Park                     This is where you find links to trailers for all the new films as well as many old ones.
Coming Attractions by Corona Want to find out about that new flick you've heard rumours about? Corona's got info on
                                                every movie in production, development, script or just concept state.
Internet Movie Database         Everything on cast and crew on every film you can think of, plus info on your favorite actor,
                                               director, writer, composer, sound guy or whatever.
Hollywood Online Trailers       Not just trailers, actually, but also photos, sound clips, etc..