In July 1947 a flying saucer crashed near Corona, New Mexico during a violent night-time thunderstorm. The next morning, Mac Brazel found some wreckage on his ranch spread over about half a mile which neither he nor his family could identify. Three days later he took some wreckage to show to the local sheriff, George Wilcox, who in turn contacted Roswell Air Army Field and told Major Jesse Marcel of the situation. He inspected the wreckage that Mac Brazel had brought with him to the sheriffs office and then reported to his commanding officer, William Blanchard. He ordered Marcel to get someone (Sheridan Cavitt) from counter intelligence to collect as much wreckage from Brazels ranch as they could onto their two vehicles, the wreckage was then collected and flown to Washington, via Fort Worth.

The next day, Marcel and Cavitt returned to Brazels ranch to collect more wreckage to take back to Roswell AAF. Cavitt went straight there whereas Marcel stopped on the way to show his family some of the wreckage, in particular, a small piece of tin-foil like material which would bend and be folded quite happily, but would continually fold back out into shape leaving no crease whatsoever. There was also a piece of very light plastic like material, except it wasn't plastic. It was like a wooden dowel and was a couple of inches long. It would bend slightly, but you couldn't scratch, cut, burn or melt it.

Meanwhile, Lydia Sleppy at Roswell Radio station KSWS was transmitting a story about the crashed saucer over the teletype when transmission was interrupted by someone claiming to represent the FBI. The Army initially released a story to the press saying that they had captured a flying saucer, but then quickly put out another story saying they hadn't got a saucer, just a weather balloon. It was _not_ a weather balloon. Mac Brazel was placed under house arrest for a week whilst his ranch was combed for more debris, and it was then when the main saucer body was found, complete with four aliens, two dead, one seriously injured and another attending to it which seemed to be unharmed. Mac Brazel was then told that he shouldn't tell anybody about what he had found. He was rumoured to have been bribed with a freezer (very expensive at that time).

This photo is taken from the movie "The Roswell Crash"; it is not a real alien autopsy photo.

Photo from the "real" autopsy. Another photo from the "real" autopsy.