PROJECT BLUE BOOK. The last publicly acknowledged USAF investigation into UFOs, and something of a controversial one, which started in March 1952. Its aims were to find explanations for UFO sightings, to assess whether they were a threat to national security, and to determine if the UFOs used advanced technology from which the US could learn.

Reports were collected, analyzed and filed according to their results. No-one noticed anything was wrong with the project until one of the people on the investigation team sent in his own sighting. It was filed, but when he wanted to refer back to his report, it had disappeared. He then alleged that any reports that were both unexplained and could cause public uproar were siphoned off out of Blue Book to somewhere else higher up in authority, a claim that ufologists now see as fact.

Blue Book was wound up in 1969 as a result of the CONDON REPORT and one of its investigators, Dr J. Allen Hynek, went on to form the first scientific based UFO group, the Center for UFO Studies, in 1973.

MAJESTIC. The highest security level known, higher than the Atom Bomb and effectively thirty-eight levels higher than Top Secret due to the compartmentalization of information. There are allegedly over thirty compartments of Top Secret which means that if you have a Top Secret clearance, it doesn't mean that you have access to all Top Secret documents, you must require the "need to know". Documents that require the "need to know" are classified as Top Secret xxx, where xxx can be any one of over thirty code names. Documents about S-4/AREA 51 happenings are classed as "Majestic". As a note one should know that the President of the USA only got access to the Atom Bomb, the sixth highest security level.

AREA 51. The Groom Dry Lake area of the Nellis Air Force Range and Nuclear Test Site in the Nevada desert, about 80 miles NNW of Las Vegas. It is here that the US government is test-flying highly secret BLACK PROJECT aircraft, including UFOs, for a number of years.

S-4. There are three S-4s in the Nevada Test Site (home of AREA 51). One is a nuclear reactor, one is an area just south of the Tonopah test range, and one called Papoose Dry Lake Bed, ten miles south of Area 51. It is the latter area that ROBERT LAZAR claims to have worked in.

BLACK PROJECTS. Government projects that are considered as technological secrets. About $US50bn are invested in US black projects a year.